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Current movies where Black women are portrayed as whores?
Current movies where Black women are portrayed as whores? Okay, they don't necessarily have to be whores. I am writing a paper about the stereotypical portrayal of Black females in films and am looking for examples. I am focusing on the stereotype that these women are overly sexual, dresses provocatively, etc. One that I already plan on using is Monster's Ball but am looking for others. Any suggestions?
I am guessing you mean promiscuous.

Booty Call (w/Jamie Foxx)
Love and Basketball (Not the main heroine, but the girl who was played by Gabrielle Union)
The Best Man (If I remember correctly one of the girls slept with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's father)
How do you feel about White Whores sleeping with Black Brothers?
Do you have a sister, ex girlfriend, mother, or know a white female that has?
I'd spend more time worrying about my own problems if i were you (like that haircut) insteadof what other people are doing.....
Where can I find a black Nirvana shirt with the smiley face logo but without the "corporate whores" ontheback?
I really want that shirt so badly!! The back would be fine on the normal shirts if it didn't have the "coprorate whores" part (I want to be able to wear it out to school and stuff). Oh, and I only wear youth large-adult small sizes. I looove Nirvana and would really like to find one of these shirts!!
I don't know if you're a boy or a girl...
but if you're a girl…
Why do ppl call black women whores when white women look like this?………

us black women do not look like whores
Any womancan look like a whore, presentation is key
Why do people always asume Black women are whores or drug addicts?
i know in the videos and in the media that is how it is betrayed but that is only about 5% of blacks. its the same with other races too... the media is killing are reputation and we are the ones fueling it!
I do not in the least feal that way. I only feel that way about those on the Maury show looking for babys daddy. By the way the white women on the show are nothing but trailer trash losers.
If I stop using the n word, will black people stop indiscriminately using the whore word?
From an African American Literature class in 1969, I learned that the N word is a synonym for bastard... Before I took the African American Literature class, I was not prejudiced against black people... From being freckled when I was in elementary school, I learned how it feels to be treated unequally because of my skin color... But, I despise referring to ladies as whores more than hearing the N word... Now, who is willing to take my offer?
It's a start!
Will the University of Georgia football team ever where their black jerseys again?
I'm a really big Georgia fan and I notice that they didn't where their black jerseys last year even when the fans whore all black. Will the black jersey ever come back and what about the black helmet and pants?
Only Mark Richt can answer that.
Why do people think black women are whores?
My boyfriend just moved to the states from Switzerland. Yes I'm black. So anyway. We've dated for 6 months now and lately since we're at the point we can ask each other anything

I dress very conservatively and don't act in a way that would lead people to believe I'm promiscuous.
He was really nice at the start. But now we're at the point in our relationship that we can talk about anything.

All of a sudden he starts asking me all these stupid questions about black women. Like are we wild in bed and that I should be on my knees servicing him. Or I don't act like the black girls in music videos.

He said there is hardly any black women where he's from. Is it partly because people think US girls are slutty? I'm a virgin anyway but he doesn't believe anything I say against it.

So my question is why does he think so poorly of me all of a sudden. Why people think black women are sluts? And am I just an experiment for him?
"Ignorance" you're way too smart for him, give him the flick and save your virginity for someone who appreciates you for who you are.
A hispanic dude tried laying himself on me because he thought black girls are whores?
So anyway, I was dating a now ex friend of mine who was Hispanic. I was at his house Last night and we wereon the couch. So anyway he tried getting be butterred up and then layed me down flaty.

He then proceded to smothere my until I told him to back off! He then looked to stupid and asked why.?

ZSio then I said i don't do that, then, babumbum, he thought I was supposed to be easy because I'm black! Like, how many chcks does he dig???

So anyway, are there a lot of Hispanics that think that way? And swhat apout white people or Asians or any one else?
He just was a loser nothing to do with his ethnicity.

To whoever said white women have the most morals have you not heard of a little industry called porn! There are sluts in every ethnicity.

Anyway, maybe he thought he was too irresistable to turn down.
Why do you think we wear black at funerals?
Have you noticed that a lot of blacks wear black at a funeral and usually whites wear almost anything(as in casual) why do mostly african americans wear black and usually whites wear casual i have an half and half family and i've noticed it in my own cousin's funeral, the white people in my family whore casual clothes and the black people in my family whore all black tell me what is your opinion about seeing my color usually doing this and whites wearing casual clothes
It's just a tradition that goes back generations and generations, hundreds of years. Black is a symbol of mourning. Back in the day, women would wear a black veil/dress to symbolize that she was a widow.

Man, i've seen whites wear black and i've seen blacks show up to a funeral in Lime Green suits with matching aligator shoes so really, it's all subjective.

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