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Lesbian cousins crazy idea?
my cousin and her wife recently conceived a guy a month ago. She has been breast feeding it for quite sometime. my cousin was getting curious about maybe trying to spice up their sex life, by drinking her milk or whatever. Is that a little sick and perverted for her to do that. Or have some lesbians actually done it before?
It's not that uncommon in heterosexual couples for the husband to do some sampling when the wife is lactating...dunno why it'd be any more strange for a homosexual couple.
Are you gay, lesbian or bisexual and have gay, lesbian or bisexual siblings, cousins, and/or other relatives?
I'm gay and I have two lesbian first cousins on my father side.
Nope, I'm the anomaly in my family. The only homosexual, the only girl of my generation of guys (siblings and first cousins...all male) and the ONLY one who doesn't wear glasses. (I actually have better than perfect vision.) I'm also the baby of the family (siblings and first cousins included only) I was the also the first one to get married and have a guy. The ONLY one to have gotten a divorce and probably the only one who's really honest out of all of them.

Yup, I'm the Pink Sheep...and I love it!
Is it wrong for two girl cousins to French kiss? Does this make me lesbian?
We were in the back yard and I knew she was bi so I told her I wanted to kiss her so we did. I thought it was really fun so we did it for awhile. We didn't feel a spark or anything we just think that it is fun. (Not sure if it helps but we were both11.
I'm sorry you've gotten unhelpful answers. What you did is normal sexual experimentation and it doesn't make you lesbian. Eleven is too young for your cousin to be certain she is bisexual--she probably just regards herself as adventurous and willing to try experimenting with both genders. The "spark" that wasn't there is sexual attraction that a lesbian would feel with the right girl and a heterosexual girl would feel with the right boy.
My sister might be a lesbian? It all started with one of my cousins joking...but then?
I saw the signs, and suspicions coming in, how she talk to alot of girls, and i see her sometimes looking at girls alot...i do not know what to do really, and how to tell if she is..i mean i will look at her differently, but i will still love her.

Is there any test i can do?
ermm play truth or dare. Anyway,she maybe a lesbian but maybe not too. Some girls just love to look at another girls because they are envy on how other girls look. And how she wishes to be like them.
Should i tell my cousins that i'm a lesbian?
my dad and his side of the family are really homophobic,, my mum isn't and noone on my mums side of the family is that i know of.. 3 of my close cousins are gay/lesbian.. i am going to their flat this weekend for a party, just us.. i think they suspect that i might be a lesbian.. well.. i want to tell some people 'cause i feel kinda trapped at the moment and i need someone to talk to.. but i don't want my parents to find out.. do you think i should tell them? i'm 16 and they are 18, 21 and 30..and they are on my mum's side of the family.
Yeahhh I would
It's good to have someone especially more than one person who you know you can tell and they will accept you.
It's a perfect place to start.
In a gay/lesbian family what does your guyren call the spouse that is not their birth parent?
My cousins are lesbians and plan to get married. They want a guy and they plan to have my cousin be pregnant and all but we where wondering what the baby would call my cousin's wife! My cousin is Italian and her wife is Greek just to let you all know.
I have two mothers and I just call my birth mother Mom and my mom's partner Mama Kate. :) I know another family where the daughter calls one mom, Mom and the other, Mama.
My stupid cousins think im a lesbian!!!!!!!help!!!?
okey so like im a very shy person and i know for a fact that im not a lesbian becuase i LOVE boys soooo much. It all startded last year andone of my cousins asked me if i liked any boys at school and i said no becuase i didnt want her to know.Than another day i was in her car and my two cousins (the same ones theirs sister nad both in their late teens, im 15 by the way.) Made a commnet that was something like "i hope you dont become a lesbian) and on christmas the actually aske me if i was and i noooooooo!!!!but i think they still think i am becuase they make alot of really mean jokes......How do i get them to stop thinking im a lesbian??????
You should just ignore them. They're probably just trying to get a rise out of you or something. Maybe they're even trying to get you to confess about liking some guy that they can tease you about.
You don't have to prove anything to them, so let them say whatever they want to.
Caught my cousins doing.. lesbian?
okay so it was last monday evening, we didn't have school, because it was PA day, and my 15 year old cousin and the other 14 year old cousin (my 2nd cousin), both girls came over to my house to stay.. and as i had to go to my friend's house to pick up something, i told my cousins to watch each other and i will be back in an less than 2 hours, when i went to the my friend's house i called my house just to check if there doing fine, and when i called nobody picked up. so i was totally freaked out blaming my self, because if anything happened the blame is on me for leaving them i am sure. anyway i got home, and i opened the door and went in and heard some noises in the upstairs bed room. as soon as i went to the room i saw both my cousins were.. yes they were doing it lez and both naked.. and when i went "oh sh*** they kept continuing what they were doing.. and one of my cousins were like "please just..." and that's all she said and continued tribbing my 2nd cousin.. im guessing they were out of control.. i dunno!! i couldn't believe what i was seeing. whether to ask they WTF is going on.. later in the evening my first cousin told me they have been doing it for sometime and yeah.. but still i was in more of a shock!! yeah and i didn't know who to tell, and i don't know what the hell i am suppose to do.. should i be worried? or can someone tell me what i should do?
Hi PrideS,
I can imagine you were very shocked to stumble onto their moment of sapphic passion. I guess they were too carried away or making too much commotion to hear your phone call. I'm surprised they kept tribbing when they knew you had discovered them. I guess they were so deep into the excitement that they couldn't stop, or maybe they were comfortable about you seeing them or turned on about being seen. So now you know that two of your cousins are lesbian lovers. There's nothing wrong with that. They have the right to enjoy each other. Remember the pursuit of happiness clause? Well they are pursuing vigorously. After a little while it won't seem so shocking. Of coarse you shouldn't tell anybody. That is their own private business. You should just let them enjoy each other without interfering. You should let them know that you won't interfere with their activities or relationship, but will honor their privacy and continue be a supportive and helpful friend to them. Don't worry. There is nothing bad about cousins having a lesbian relationship. They probably have a very beneficial and fulfilling relationship. Don't suppress them, just encourage them to take good care of each other and let them know you respect and accept them.
Is this normal for a lesbian or is my cousin confused?
my cousin is a lesbian, and she got into a fight last night. but during the fight, she removed her shirt and bra - like a man would do.

she is lesbian but that was a bit much. is that a normal or should i be worried that she is battling with her identity?
Omg, hilarious, adorable.

I guess if her boobs aren't saggy, it's alright. I don't think you need to be worried about her, she's just quirky. That really is awesome.
My lesbian cousin has been flirting with me. should i do her?
she's a 1st cousin, so i guess it's a little wrong, but she is hot and i am curious!
Technically there's no real harm in it, If you are both of an age of consent, but depending on your personal ethics, I would consider it in bad form. And what would the rest of the family say/think should they find out? Be careful to NOT involve the heart then, keep it casual, or you will have a bigger mess to contend with. Just my thoughts.

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