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Why do black women look so good naked yet i dont see any Naked in public like in nude beaches?
im a biracial i love all women But im infatuated with black women.Now I I love their exotic eyes and even dont mind their natural hair.(dont like wigs ). Also I like their full lips.Their skin from what Ive seen ages well. I like them all type thin,thick,curvy,big breasted,etc. . I also notice black women are so tall alot of times .Im tall myself but have noticed some black women almost look me in the eye barefoot like my ex at 5'11.What an amazon!. I noticed some people in yahoo call black women mostly 'fat' but people have to know that a.a. women and alot of women in the U.S eat alot of unhealthy foods but if you put certain black women to work out and eat healthy I think a.a american black women bodies would dominate.Now Im wondering why dont i see many naked black women in nude beaches? Is it because alot of men would go wild? lol
Not sure what places you are visiting. I have been a naturalist for 20 plus years and have seen many naked women at nude beaches and resorts.
What is your fantasy about Black women?
Last night, I had a dream that a hott naked black woman who chasing me around the house with her belt spanking me.

Today I fantasized about a hott black woman tied me up to the bed and was putting hickies all over my body.

Black men, White men, Asain etc...what's was your dream or fantasy about Black women?
i fantasize about black women booty clapping in my face.
Why do mainstream songs always have a black guy surrounded by half naked women?
And the guy must be rapping or singing in autotune. LOL.

Also, if a white girl sings these days, a black man must be featured to RAP. WHY?
Because the song probably won't sell like they wish it would, so, add the scantily clad women and "BINGO!" Sex sells...unfortunately, that's what attracts many listeners. Or viewers of the video genre.
Most Black Music Videos usually have half naked women?
Why? I don't really watch much music videos in youtube but as of recently it's almost all the music videos I see with black men singin always have half naked women dancing and posing and are suggestive. The only kinda different IIRC was Cee Lo Green's "**** You" where to me it seems that the ladies weren't that sexualized in the vid.

I hope I didn't sound racist or anything. I wasn't tyring to. Sorry.
Tuz, I don't think you are being racist, you're just describing what you see.

I don't think it is 'only' black guys singing in these clips though but more a case of the genre of music. Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and a lot of other Pop music clips are filled with half naked women (and sometimes men), Lady GaGa anyone?

It had to do with the over sexualisation of the entire community rather than JUST the music industry. Artists will continue to flood their clips with half naked women for the plain and simple rule that SEX SELLS!
Why are black women the only ones that are allowed to...?
be naked on youtube? does anyone else find it strange that videos of any race other than black women on youtube will be deleted. People can post naked black women all they want and it never gets deleted! This bothers me! has anyone else noticed this?
I do not want to see any naked women!
This happens in the modeling industry as well. It's considered "artistic" for the "odd and exotic" dark-skinned black models to be topless but you rarely ever see anyone else that way. I think it's because most of the world still sees us as not fully human so it's okay to display our privates to the world.

Did you know that at one time in Europe there were actual human zoos that displayed naked tribal Africans and the guests were allowed to ogle and touch their bodies? Sick. The fascination is still there I suppose.

Wiki "human zoos" to see what I mean.
Why do black women look so good naked?!If you guys could walk around naked would it be a good idea?
Im infuated with black women .Skinny ,curvy,Big breasted,thick,etc I also tend to like caucasion ,hispanic and asian.But wow everytime i see beautiful Black women its on a whole different level.i love full lips and exotic eyes and Their hair.Yes in a way i dont mind 'tightly curled' textured hair . I like it even more then these wigs they put on .gosh it gets me annoyed .i love how tall black women are i mean they are amazons ! I love the ones who dont act a stereotypically way .Ive read on here people saying black women are fat blah blah blah . The processed foods are whats doing this to alot of women not only black women .. I have been to other neighborhoods and of course the food source is different, more healthy .I bet you if black women were exposed more to these foods they would be healthier And would truly dominate in terms of looks and if they worked watch out!.Anyways lets say black women were allowed to walk naked in the summertime would their be alot of baby making going around? loll
lol. Yes africans have nice features but theres no need to generalise! Some do and some dont. its the same with every woman. some are pretty and some are curvy and some are not.
We think Our Daughter has a secret black Girlfriend?
Me and Sandy are very concerned. That our conceived daughter is hiding stuff from us. She isn't coming to church anymore and we found pornographic tapes of naked black women in it. Obviously she has a black boyfriend that is bringing these over to please himself in our house. How can i shoot him away?
It's not the boyfriend your daughter is a lesbian and she likes black women.

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