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All Comments

In a polygamous marriage is it usual for the younger new wife to be jealous of the older wife?
Shouldn't it be the other way around the older wife be jealous of the younger girl? As is it true that if the older wife runs away they will track her down and kill her? Makes more sense that the younger wife 15 or 16 year old wife should run away.
Jealousy runs in every direction in polygamy. In real life, the men take on more than they can support and all resources are scarce. They have to fight each other for every scrap of time, attention, affection, money.

There is no standard way to run a polygamous family in this country. In some areas they have developed ways that work because they've had thousands of years - and the method generally involves limited a womans choices.

But polygamy here is just recently slapped together and no one has any good ideas except to tell the women they they are evil if they don't do as told.

So in some families, an older wife will control the budget and everyone has to bow down to her.

In most families, the husband has a favorite, and it is often a wife who has been with him a while. She may not be his new favorite in bed, but she is an old dependable friend, and she gets a lot of special perks for her and her guys.

It's really hard to watch some guys get better food and clothes than yours because their mom knows how to play the game better.

Every time a new woman joins up, the whole mix is upset and everyone has to make new alliances. It is a lot like Middle School. In other words, it's hell. The man usually takes a new wife every 15-20 years as the old ones are worn out from guy rearing.

The old ones who have raised their own guys get stuck raising the new one's guys if she is a favorite.

There are so many ways it can go bad, and from the stories one hears in Utah, it usually does.

My grandmother's generation was brought up in LDS polygamy. After her own mother died (she was 8), the other mothers used her as slave labor because there was no one to protect her.
Do you laugh whenever you see an older guy with a 20 something yr. old wife?
like a guy in his 40's or 50's with a 20 something yr. old wife (or girlfriend). i see people making smirks sometimes when couples with age differences walk by them.
No, I say lucky guy.
Can a marriage with a 2 years older wife work out?
my mom is two years older than her next husband, i dont think this work beause the age difference is unusuall.... what is ur opinion
0 seconds ago - 4 days left to answer.
A two year age difference is trivial, and this is far more common than you apparently realize.
Is there anywhere in the Bible where the wife is older than her husband?
I know of examples where the husband is older, but none of where the wife is older. Does anyone have any information about this?
There is a few wives that out lived there husbands, that would make them older, Right LOL.
Older man's young wife and her young lover lock him up in a closet for a year and steal his money?
an 80 yr old man was found locked inside a small walk in closet where he had been held captive by his 24 yr old wife and her 26 yr old lover. the pair withdrew $750,000 from the old man's bank accounts which they used for luxury travel, holidays, and cars. the man was healthy but in shock and is recovering in hospital. the pair are in custody.

what are your thoughts?
i love how stupid men are :)
Will you find wives to be a couple years older than their husbands in egypt? Is it bad if the wife is older?
I'm not talking about old foreign wives marrying egyptian men that are 10 years younger than them for papers, I mean the wife 2 or 3 years older than their husbands
2 or 3 years is not a problem..

my grandmother married my grandfather altho he was 2 years younger than her.

but it's not ALL that common tho
How to handle older wife's weight game after marriage?
My wife, who is 9 years older than I am, has put on several pounds since we were married. She used to look dynamite with her dress and overall care, but it has changed for the worse. I think she takes us for granted. How do I get her to take better care of herself for her and us?
WOW! Lot of mean answers here- with the exception of a couple......regardless of what SOME people have to say, physical attractiveness IS IMPORTANT in a marriage--sorry, but its true. And to MEN especially.....it doesn't mean you don't love her, but you certainly CAN lose attraction in someone who lets themselves go!

And that fool that asked, "who's "us"?" DUH! You two are married....ONE FLESH! Thats who the "US" is!!!!

I agree with everyone that said to start working out together. I am a personal trainer in Chicago, and I have several clients that are husband and wife......and it is really gratifying to see a team that are man and wife really make noticable improvements in their appearance........you will be surprised HOW MANY AREAS of their relationship improve.......plus all the confidence....go for it as a team! You can do it!
Why married men cheat on there older wife for a young sexy tender thing and spend money?
they wife are waitn for they men come home but they out with a girl shopping giver her money getn plessure get fun ..men get tired of the same thing plus age..?
The are many reasons men cheat. The main reason is they are getting something from there mistress that they are not getting at home.
The number one thing they are not getting is communication. They want somone they can talk to, that is going to understand them and not judge them.
Other things they are not getting is romance. Men usually want a woman to spice things up a bit and keep it real.
They also want someone to do things with. When the wife has no desire or no interest. He eventually finds someone that shares his interests.
Alot of men get tired of coming in the door and hearing nothing but nagging and that falls under the communication category.

He is out with her. She is getting the best side of him and you are getting the worst.
She is getting his time, money, and having fun.
You are left with his bills, his landry and bad moods.

Trust me I know I have been the one sitting at home waiting on husband and I have been the girlfriend too.
Why do young guys hit on and flirt with my much older wife old enough to be their mother?
What is up with these 25 year old guys wanting to sleep with 50 year old women?

She must be sending of the "fck me I'm a slut" vibe. lol
What would someone with the title of Lord, in the older days, wife and daughter be titled?
If someone has the title of Lord, their wife and Daughter would have what titles, if they have them at all?
The wife and daughter would be called lady

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