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What are the containers of women squirting liquid?
I asked this question a few days ago but nobody answered but 2 nonsense answers.please thell in detail,truth and surely.
need more information dont understand what you want to know
What is squirting and can all women do it?
What is "squirting"? Because my boyfriend says he wants to make me do it. Also is it possible for all women to be able to do it?
It's something that women can do when they climax. Instead of dripping orgasm - it squirts. You can't practice it or make yourself do it. Very few women were born with this "ability". Tell your boyfriend you can't just teach yourself how to squirt - you are BORN with it.

Edit: Btw - it's NOT PEE - it's just an ejaculation.
Can pregnant women have squirting orgasms?
My girlfriend and I are trying out the whole squirting thing. She's pregnant, though, and we don't know if it's safe to proceed or if the squirting will interfere with the pregnancy in any way.

She's 22 years old in case her age changes anything, has a fairly healthy diet - I'm making her stop snacking on instant junk and carbonated drinks - and no illnesses of which we are aware.
Squirting has nothing to do with pregnancy. If she is a woman who normally squirts during orgasm, she can squirt during orgasm while pregnant.

However, squirting is NOT something that you can "try out." Either she is a squirter or she isn't, and most women--the overwhelming majority--are not. She and you should know by now whether she squirts during orgasm. It is not something she can decide to do.

BTW, don't confuse orgasmic squirting with loss of bladder control during orgasm. That happens to some women as well. It is a different thing, although it can certainly get you both pretty wet. :-)
How common is "squirting" in women, when they orgasm?
I'm a 58 year-old male, who has dated/had relations with two women... separately... over a period of ten years... and, both of whom (they're in their late 40's, and suffer from bi-polar illness!!!) would "squirt" when they orgasm... they're also multi-orgasmic... this phenomenon has piqued my curiosity... which is why i pose the question...
Not very common. I'd say 1 in 50 or so. I don't think it has anything to do with being multiorgasmic or not, it has more to do with the orgasm itself.
I have heard that women have squirting O's. I have had a few experiences but keep hearing about it as normal
Is this normal for most females or is this something that happens only for a few?

Is there a special techniques to make this happen?
It's normal for it to happen and for it NOT to happen. We're all different. I've heard of women who can do it, who have practiced to perfect it. I haven't the faintest idea how to.
What is the liquid women squirt through their clitoris?
I thought the liquids were 1) urine and 2) lubrication inside the vagina.
Apparently, there is a liquid that women squirt THROUGH the clitoris.
What is it? Where do they store it before release?
No, the clitoris does not squirt liquid, it has no opening. Women can ejaculate out of the vagina though.
Squirting substance from women?
i've noticed when i watch porn that most women that squirt will squirt a clear water like substance but a few have a different substance,i wouldnt call what they have squirting cause it just runs out like sperm but what is it?Very curious
its female ''nut'' its happend to me before a couple times but only when i have held it in so when he came i could come with him at the same time i think its from like the pressure of the orgasm or something im not to sure. hope it helped
Female ejaculation "squirting": why women can't put an end for the debate?
According to Wikipedia, it is still debatable. Before I thought it was a piss and now I am confused, don't ask from where I got that Idea. Is it true that It is still uncertain to women or it is just male-scientists bull$hit.

Also, I need some information from the women themselves about the source of that fluid and whether you have control over it?
It definitely exists. The main reason the debate can't be closed is because so many people can't do it or don't know they can, so it is believed to be speculation. Scientists don't seem to know if it's real or not because.. well, that would be a really awkward testing lab, wouldn't it?

I know first hand it is possible. It's not urine - if you were to see it up close, you can see that the color is clear. It doesn't smell like it either. It comes from the urethra (same place as urine), but that is clearly not what it is. And yes, women can completely control it, or I can, at least.. and can choose to allow it to come out or not when the urge comes.

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