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Do men hate when women use dildos to masturbate?
at school today i heard these guys i know talking about how women who use dildos are b*tches. i turned around and joined the conversation. i asked why and one guy said "because they should just have sex with a guy instead." i asked what if she doesnt have a boyfriend or she doesnt want to or she's alone in a cabin. he didn't have any answers for me.

what do you think?
I think this Q was meant for u.
Why is it that some women prefer using a dildo than having the real thing?
I always wondered why. I mean, Samantha in Sex in the City made dildo like girl's best friend. Is it really? I'm curious why.
We'll I would just say that some girls might like dildo's more for these reasons:

It will last as long as you want it to.
It won't mess up your tempo, when your almost there.
You are in complete and utter control, whatever you want goes!
You can get it the size that you want it.
And it can vibrate if you want it to.

However, it doesn't mean that it is better than a man. You can find a man that lasts a long time, and one that is good enough in bed to keep that tempo. Also, making love with a man that you love and loves you back, come on girl, if you have that option, dildo better get thrown out the window.

ps. I've used a vibrating dildo before though, and it wasn't doing anything that special. I would recommend a bigger dildo over a vibrating one.
How many women really use dildo's?
I have never used a dildo before, however it has been a LONG time since I have had sex. I thought about purchasing one, but am a little embarrassed. Is this something that women use a lot, or is it something that people talk about, but never use?
lots of women use them yeah. but, if you truely want one too, but too embarrassed to get one, then buy one online
I heard when women insert objects like handles from brushes , and using vegetables and dildos ?
you can tore and make your inside bleed or cause scars? Is this true??? I mean if women do it softy and slowly does it still cause the same effect or what? Or is someone pulling my leg on this statement. I dont do it but my friend does?
You can really do put anything into a womens vagina and it won't scar. It might be really sore, stretch or tear and cause bleeding. But remember a baby can come out of there and babies weight around 7 and a half pounds.
Some women use something called a dildo. Is there a male equivalent, and if so, what is it called?
Everyone knows about dildos, that are meant to emulate penises. Is there something that serves the same purpose as a dildo but emulates a vagina, and if so, what is it called? Thanks.
There are items called "masturbators" but I don't think they are as popular as dildos. Here's a link to a site for male sex toys if you want to see what's out there.
Can dildos cause a woman to lose her virginity?
I'm turning 18 soon, so don't give me any guy comments.I just want to know if using dildos will change the size of a woman's vagina the same way it does when having sex. Does this mean her Virginity is lost? Please give me a good answer.
Your virginity will not be lost, you have to have intercourse to lose that.

However, it may break your hymen. This is something different to losing your virginity, but in some cultures the two are (perhaps falsely) related. I say falsely, because some cultures take the lack of an intact hymen as being a sign of having lost one's virginity, which it is not correct.It can be broken in many other ways.
Why are men left to rot whilst women get lots of public money?
how come prostate cancer is not as highly researched as breast cancer, admittadly you do not find as many people with prostate cancer but still thousands of men die each year, and worse still many thousands of more men have erectile dysfunction.

and why when reserch is done to get rid of erection problems women! all cry out saying men should calm down their sex drive whilst women just use lube and dildos.
maybe because you answered your own question: "admittadly you do not find as many people with prostate cancer"
Why is it Ok for Women to use Dildo's but not Ok for guys to use "Pocket Pussie's"?
Ok I no it's a weird question I thought about it when watching Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Anyone who has watched will know what I am talking about. I own neither (Just wanted to get that out there) but it does beg the question why is it so different?
its perfectly fine, but socially not so much...

Girls using dildos is like, shes a really kinky girl who loves sex...

A guy using a pocket pussie means that he cant get a real girl, since guys are expected to do everything to get a girl and eventually have sex with her...
Why do women use Dildo??? Why not just have the real thing?
I just never understood. Help ur boy
why do you rub one out?????? masterbation is masterbation. some women use their fingers, some use dildos, some use fruits and veggies. to each their own.

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