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Men have you watched a very young teen girl dance half naked on youtube?
If you did all i gotta ask is do you consider yourselves pedofiles???
No, I haven't.
Why do a lot of young woman and teen girls put half naked photos of themselves on their 360 page and MYSPACE?
OK so yeah ..i might not be skinny and beautiful in most of societies eyes but if i were skinny and 'hot' i think i would have more respect for myself....!!!! What is wrong with these people?? Is their self esteem/respect soo low that they need the comments from men to make them feel better?
The USA's morals are going down rapidly!
I'm a young teen Girl and I want to see my best friend!?
When I'm at home sitting in bed I will watch lesbian porn...and then I start thinking about how amazing it would be if my friend and I could do that stuff...I kinda think my friend is a lesbian but I don't know that if I asked she would make out with me or take her top off. What can I do to make sure we get naked together?!O
try these..
asking her a general question about lesbianism.. what she thinks about it..
if its a positive aswer... next part
ask her would she try it ;D.. jokingly..
if good go next part..
hm.. do u like to touched where?..
if good.. go to next aprt..
just get close to her and grab her bluuubies ;D...
and play with her..
then it will be a home run to where and how far you want to take her :D.
Why do teen girls take nude pics?
hi everyone
I downloaded imesh a few weeks ago to download some new music to my surprise i was being hit on by young girls from the age 13 yrs to 17 yrs most of them had pictures of themselves in knickers and bra some had nude pics up ........CRAZY
My question is this why do young girls of that age range think its a good idea to have pictures of there body either naked or in just underwear ??????? i dont understand
i have now uninstalled imesh from my computer as i don't wish to see young naked girls any more
Hi. Some women that young have low-esteem and crave positive male attention. So, they do it and get attention. It's really bad. Also, dumb because those "men/boys" are usually old perveted men.
Young teen girls 'experimenting' question... (please read details)?
Hi, me and two of my friends go to an all girl's school. Im 13 and so is my friend (lets call her Zoe-btw thats a fake name) and one is very close to turning 13 (lets call her the fake name of Janet). None of us have had boyfriends-in fact practically no one in our grade has.

Well, this year at camp a little 'game' started up in the cabin at night when we were meant to be sleeping. We started to do 'fake stage kisses' with pressed lips and hands covering lips etc... then that turned into 'fake making out'. Everyone had a bit of fun with that but all agreed that Zoe and Janet did it really well together-and it didnt look fake at all. Later we decided that we would do real closed mouth kisses on the lips (which sounds pewny but was a big deal at the time). Zoe and Janet got into that as well, and incorporated it into their skits.

Just for background info-Janet had been part of my main 'group' of friends for ever really, but although everyone always liked Zoe as a girl in another group, she very recently had joined our group because of rumours that had started from her old friends.

Anyway, the next morning (and day) me Zoe and Janet had a lot of free time and just walked around talking about the previous night. We said that we felt a bit tingly and stuff and giggled. It wasnt really awkward talking about it, but we didnt really talk about it with the other girls who were in the cabin.

After camp, i was talking to Janet (the one i had been friends with for ages) and she told me that she had gone to the bathrooms with Zoe when we got back to school and they made out with open mouths.

Since then there were a few more occasions when they did things and Janet told me about them but Zoe (the new(ish) friend) didnt. They progressed to toungs and feeling eachothers hair etc.

Then they went to Janets farm house on holidays and later Janet told me that they showed eachother themselves naked and were walking around naked when the parents were out. Janet said they were comfortable and it wasnt awkward. (their bodies are quite simular).

Yesterday, a few months after the camp, Zoe and I went to Janet's house and up to her attic. We were talking about how it was all a bit weird and Zoe, thinking i didnt know, told me (with the help of Janet) about the toungs thing and also how at the farm house they had a shower together. They wanted to sit with intertwined legs so i said sure, go ahead. One thing led to another and they wanted to try making out again, so they held up a pillow (cause they were embarrased kind of) and made out for about a minute.

It was a bit awkward but no big deal for me-i honestly dont really care and thats what i told them. After Zoe had to leave, i had dinner with Janet. I asked her about the shower thing and she told me that not only had they been naked, but they also made out and they 'tickled' eachother 'down there'. Zoe doenst know that i know that.

OKAY, so, just to let you know, NONE OF US ARE GAY. That is pretty much certain. they like doing that for the physical pleasure they get.

So, i was wondering firstly, is that normal? And, secondly, how would you act if you were me? Is there anything you would be feeling or thinking? Any sort of tips? I kinda think that its hot, but im not sure if that is good or not.
its totally normal to want to feel other girls hair..or sit naked with intertwined legs..
Topless and nude teen girls wrong or right ?
hi everyone
I downloaded imesh a few weeks ago to download some new music to my surprise i was being hit on by young girls from the age 13 yrs to 17 yrs most of them had pictures of themselves in knickers and bra some had nude pics up ........CRAZY
My question is this why do young girls of that age range think its a good idea to have pictures of there body either naked or in just underwear ??????? i dont understand
i have now uninstalled imesh from my computer as i don't wish to see young naked girls any more
This is really an advertisement for iMesh, isn't it?

Like "Ohhh be careful, if you download that, young naked girls will hit on you!!"

[thousands of guys rush off to install it.]
Should anything be done in regards to young girls sending naked pictures of themselves?
to their classmates. If you think nothing is wrong with it, at what age do you think it is inappropriate?

You have 14 year olds girls sextexting their nude pictures for the whole school to see.…
They should be educated to have a good judgement about right and wrong. What else is there to do?

Good question. Hard to answer.
Why do Democrats attack Laura Bush for an accident, when Ted killed that woman on purpose?
Laura was a sweet young girl who got into an accident. Ted covered up his accident, was drunk, then danced around with naked teen girls the next night.

So how can Democrats compare the two?
Who else believes teen girls lack role models?
Such as Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens with exposing half naked /completely naked photos of themselves.
How can Disney not let them be fired? So if she comes out with a porno all she has to do is say sorry and slap fans with a next season of her inflating diva ego.
And for Rihanna, another teen look up with new exposing half naked photos and people commenting on her saying shes "hot" and the photos are "sexy". Completely topless, she should know better since she's a role model for young girls.
Also, giving the message it's "okay" to stay with someone who abused you, there will be most a likely time he'll do it again.
Honestly, they never asked to be role models. Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens are regular people, with a lot of added pressure. Those picture scandals with Miley are not a big deal, a lot of people do much worse.

And with Vanessa Hudgens? That's her private, personal life with her boyfriend. If she admitted to being sexually active, everyone would create a huge controversy, but seriously, there are SO many people who are 20 and sexually active. She isn't a guy, she's allowed to do whatever she wants.

For Rihanna, have you ever been abused before with your boyfriend? It's harder than you think to just say "no, I'm leaving." Plus, everyone deals with things differently. So please, don't talk about things you don't know.

Stop looking for role models in the media, because more often than not, they're right in front of you! My father is my biggest role model. Although he is in prison right now, he is the smartest, kindest man I have ever met. I draw such a huge inspiration from him. He was homeless when we was little, something that most people can only imagine. Then he got a full scholarship to a top Ivy League university and changed his life dramatically. So seriously, would you call my father a bad role model because he went to jail? Everyone makes mistakes and unfortunately, people like you tend to look right past people's achievements.

Beaucoup D'amor
Why does the internet have disgusting sites?
I typed in "young looking old poeple" to see if their were older people that looked very young.

Then, you know how on the bottom of Google, you can click different things, but almost the same thing as you searched for.. It went on young looking teens and it went on a bunch of things that had naked young girls and everything.

Anyone else have any stories?
Because the people who make those sites have disgusting minds.

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